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Your wallet
just went digital.

Now, your wallet is not limited to the size of your pocket.

You can now hold anything useful. Not just your health insurance card, but ALL your health records for example. Collect digital credentials, share them instantly, privately and securely.

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Introducing Connect.Me

Meet Connect.Me, a secure place to hold all kinds of useful things. Get digital credentials, share them easily when needed. Goodbye usernames. Goodbye passwords. Goodbye “what’s your mother’s maiden name?”.

Hello freedom!

Passport Drivers Licnese Healthcare Card
Movie Tickets Warranty Certificate

What can I do with it?

  • Establish pairwise unique connections using public-private DID key pairs.
  • Collect digital credentials and store them in your Connect.Me wallet.
  • Share verifiable proofs about yourself, in zero-knowledge, instantly.
  • Choose which pieces of your data you want to share.
  • Answer questions securely in a self-attested way.
  • Import/export your digital wallet to use with another wallet app provider.

Why can I trust this?

  • We don’t own any of your information

    We don’t own any of your information

    Zip, zero, zilch. Connect.Me is built on Sovrin, which means you can use your credentials anywhere, even on a different app altogether.

  • Your info lives with you

    Your info lives with you

    Your information isn’t stored in the cloud, it lives in your pocket. So you’re the one in control of your data, where it goes and how it’s used.

  • State of the art encryption

    State of the art encryption

    Connect.Me creates unique, pairwise cryptographic connections to communicate. It's like inventing a new, unique language each time you speak with someone new— and only the two of you understand it.

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Let's talk

Connect.Me is free to use for individuals. Contact us for more information on how empowering your customers with Connect.Me can improve your business. Connect.Me is available for iOS 10.3 and Android 6.0 and newer.

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