Our mission: build a layer of trust for the social web

Connect.Me helps people and businesses get the most out of their social reputation.

Connect.Me is the first app of the Respect Network, a P2P cloud network that puts users back in control of their digital identities, reputation, and data.

When users join Connect.Me, they are protected by our ground-breaking Trust Framework and award winning data privacy policy.

We never track, mine, or sell your social data. Period.

A Network of Respect

The team behind Connect.Me, along with a coalition of partners, pioneered a new business model where people get better services and deals by directly connecting to businesses on the user's terms.

While this concept seems simple, it took two years to develop the legal and technical infrastructure to make it possible. It's also a radical shift away from the current business models where users’ data is collected and sold without their direct participation.

This new model was created by a group of 11 influential architects in Internet identity, privacy, trust, and relationship management. It enables people to get the full value of their reputation and intention data without giving up control of their privacy or ownership.

When users join Connect.Me, they are automatically protected by the terms of the Respect Network, the company behind Connect.Me. Any data entered into Connect.Me is under the full control of the users and will be portable within the network.

More info: Respect Network   |   Partners   |   Architects

How does Connect.Me work?

Connect.Me turns your existing social networks into your personal reputation and referral network. When you connect an existing social account like Facebook, we import your connections, auto-organize them for you, and create your social business card.

We use a mix of peer-to-peer (P2P) vouching and smart algorithms to organize people around interests and skills.

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Founding Team

Gary Rowe
Joe Johnston
Drummond Reed
Marc Coluccio
Andrei Soroker
Peter Hizalev



Kevin Akeroyd
David Weekly
Chris Carfi
Eric Case
Robert Kapela
Sarah Brooks


Friends, Contractors & Supporters

Yaroslav Lapin
Kevin Berger
Phil Windley
Doc Searls


And many, many more that we haven't listed yet. Thank you!





We're a super passionate team with diverse backgrounds and loads of experience. If you're passionate about working on hard technical and social problems, send us a link to your card at jobs@connect.me




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Connect.Me was also mentioned in Doc Searl's book, The Intention Economy




Connect.Me was founded in 2011 in San Francisco, CA, and is financed by an outstanding group of investors. We're changing the game on how the social web discovers people, businesses, and reviews based on social trust.

The current Connect.Me site is just the beginning. Drop us a note if you'd like to find out how we plan to forever change the way people interact with businesses. Email investors@connect.me




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