How It Works

Connect.Me helps you grow your social reputation.

What You Can Do during our public beta

  1. Claim your card — your free online social business card
  2. Vouch for people you trust to build your reputation and theirs
  3. Use your card to show your expertise & get discovered
  4. Get invited to exclusive communities

Your Privacy & Data

Connect.Me is backed by a ground-breaking Trust Framework and award winning privacy policy.

Your social reputation and data is valuable to you, and we think it should stay that way. That's why Connect.Me does not track users or share any personal data with partners or advertisers.

Your Connections are Private

Connecting your social accounts does not expose your social network connections. Other Connect.Me users can only see who you both know in common.



Vouches organize your social connections and build social reputation.

A vouch is like a +1 on a tag.

Unlike endorsements elsewhere on the web, vouch tags can be a topic, skill, interest, service, trait, affinity group, or just about anything you think is worthy of a vouch.


  • All vouches must be genuine per the Respect Trust Framework
  • You are not allowed to buy, sell or otherwise trade vouches — doing so could result in the suspension of your account
  • Abusive or inappropriate vouching will result in the community demoting you or suspending your account
  • Don't be a jerk — the Connect.Me community is building something unique and valuable for everyone

Report unscrupulous activity to

All Vouches are Public

A vouch is a simple way to recommend or show respect for someone on a particular skill, interest, or topic. All vouches must be genuine and reflect your direct knowledge and relationship with that person. It is against the rules of the trust network to buy, sell or offer to trade vouches.

Once a vouch is given, both the giver and receiver always have the option of removing the vouch.

Vouching Does Not Auto Tweet or Post

We never auto-post to your social networks. We hate social SPAM as much as you. After vouching, you can additionally invite or notify the person if you choose.

Vouch Limits

  • Max of 3 vouches given to a single person until you reach Trusted status
  • Max of 3 vouches given to a single person not in your network
  • Lower levels of trust have a limited number of total vouches that can be given

Vouch limits help protect the quality of the directory and reputation system. You can easily remove vouches and reassign them to a different tag or person.

Learn more about trust levels.

Who to Vouch for

  • Your Inner Circle: Friends and Family — You can vouch for their genuine interests, skills and strengths because you know them well.
  • Co-Workers and Business Contacts — You've had first hand experience of their work and you would recommend them to your peers as a future contact, associate or client.
  • Your Extended Network — People you don’t know as well but trust their integrity from the quality of their presentation, their mission, vision, values, their spirit, positivity, attitude, their posts, links, support, advice and information.
  • Industry Leaders, Experts, Authors & Bloggers — You find their content interesting or inspiring or you follow them to get ideas, news and updates on specialist subjects that interest you.
  • Celebrities, Famous People, Personalities — you admire their work, talent and skills, you follow them because they enrich your life in some way.


Trust Levels

By vouching and receiving qualified vouches, you move up in trust level. Trust level badges are quick indicators of a your status within the community.

1. Unverified

What it means: You created a Connect.Me account but are not yet verified.

What you may do:
  • Give 150 vouches – max 3 per person
  • Connect accounts to import your vouches and verify your connections
  • Be vouched for by others

2. Verified

What it means: You have vouched for 10+ people, 3+ people have vouched for you, and you meet account verification requirements.

What you may do:
  • Give 500 vouches – max 3 per person
  • Receive the Verified badge on your card
  • Be listed in the directory

3. Trusted

What it means: You have vouched for 25+ people and 25+ Verified members have vouched for you.

What you may do:
  • Give 1000 vouches – no limit per person
  • Receive the Trusted badge on your card
  • Be highlighted in the directory

4. Trust Anchor

What it means: You are a Trusted member and have received 3+ special Trust Anchor vouches from other Trust Anchors.

What you may do:
  • Give unlimited vouches
  • Receive the Trust Anchor badge on your card
  • Resolve member complaints
  • Get early access to new features
  • Vote on amendments to the Respect Trust Framework
Pending Trust Anchor

Someone who has received 3+ special Trust Anchor vouches but does not yet meet other requirements.

Founding Trust Anchor

Special designation for Trust Anchors who have helped build the initial Connect.Me community.